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Religious Education Column: Julie Miller

03 November 2016
Religious Education Column -  Julie Miller, Director of Religious Education Do you dread it or embrace it? There’s no escaping the fact that from October through January, our church routines are chock-a-block full of events and celebrations. Last week, our families with younger children attended our annual Halloween Party in…

Torch Column: In the Spotlight

03 November 2016
“In the Spotlight”. . . Meet Owen Edwards-submitted by Jan Crane So forty-four years ago my Mother named me Owen D. Edwards, I was the second child of four. I grew up here in Salt Lake City but have also lived in Atlanta Georgia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Guerneville,…

Torch Column: In the Life

03 November 2016
In the Life - Rev. Matthew Cockrum On the cusp of the national presidential election I have two quotes to offer you, Friends. The first comes from the pop 80’s band, REM: “It’s the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine.” The second comes from the…

Torch Column: Reverendly Yours

03 November 2016
Reverendly Yours - Rev. Tom Goldsmith It doesn’t take a bona fide oracle (even of Greek vintage), to forebode an ominous future for our nation. Angst permeates the air, whispering in the wind an unraveling of both democracy and civility. The writing is certainly on the wall, clear as day,…

Call for Solstice Singers

01 November 2016
We need singers for the annual Winter Solstice service here at First Unitarian Church. Teens and adults from our congregation are encouraged--and needed!--to join with members of the Chancel Choir to sing at this special event. Four rehearsals are scheduled, each Tuesday beginning November 29, at 7:00 p.m. The Solstice…

UU Lunch Bunch Schedule (through Jan. 1st)

30 October 2016
UU Lunch Bunch A family-friendly group for anyone and everyone who would like to get together for lunch and chat with like-minded people. Meet at the Restaurant on Sundays at noon during the summer. For more information contact Sonia Carnell at (801) 262-1151 or . November 6: Red Moose Coffee…

Sermon Video: "The First Step: A Spiritual Exercise"

25 October 2016
A sermon given by Rev. Tom Goldsmith on October 23, 2016  

November 14th: Keith Tricket Musical Fundraiser to benefit our Homeless Youth Meal Effort

20 October 2016
The Music Department at First Church is pleased to host an evening recital of British Humorous Music on November 14th at 7:30 pm in the sanctuary. Longtime musical friend, Baritone Keith Trickett, will offer his musical musings at this benefit recital for The Homeless Youth Shelter. Keith's recitals are always…

Adult Religious Education News

20 October 2016
UU Orientation New or new-ish to Unitarian Universalism or First Unitarian Church? Curious about how to get connected with this community of service, learning and justice? Join staff and lay leaders in an intimate evening of questions and exploration. Next First Church Info Session/UU Orientation - Monday, October 24th -…

Religious Education: Newsbits

20 October 2016
Upcoming RE Events: Do you own a sewing machine? Have we got a volunteer job for you! Are you willing to donate an hour or two for a simple sewing project that will help our homeless teen friends for whom we’re providing meals this year? If you can help, please…

Religious Education Column: Traditions

20 October 2016
Traditions - Julie Miller, Director of Religious Education Before I came to First Church, I heard a joke:
Q: What’s a Unitarian? A: An atheist with children! A grain of truth here? I’m pretty certain I’m not the only one who arrived at a Unitarian Universalist church after never belonging…

Torch Article: Reverendly Yours

20 October 2016
Reverendly Yours - Rev. Tom Goldsmith Locker room talk is now a euphemism for degrading and objectifying women. The assumption rests on the idea that all guys participate in this conversation on either conquering women sexually or intending to do so. Even the Republican candidate running for president is not…


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