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Congregational Briefs and Announcements 2/20/2017

13 February 2017
Arts Fair April 22nd The Annual First Unitarian Church Fine Arts and Crafts Festival will be held on Saturday April 22nd from 5 to 10 pm and Sunday April 23rd till 1:30 pm. Artists: Please register using the online form found on the Registration Page. This is a fun family…

Social Justice Film on 3/11: The Settlers

13 February 2017
Social Justice Film - March 11th-submitted by Barbara Taylor The Social Justice Committee and Just Peace in the Holy Land invite you to a showing of the documentary, “the Settlers,” Saturday night, March 11, Elliot Hall and we would love it if you would come. Trump who presented himself as…

Environmental Ministry News: 2/21 Film and legislative session

13 February 2017
Environmental Ministry News-Submitted by Joan M. Gregory 2017 Environmental Ministry Series: Effective Action in a Trump Administration! FILM SCREENING & DISCUSSION: BREATH OF LIFE Tuesday, February 21, 7PM Eliot Hall Facebook Event Page Spectacularly photographed in Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Hawaii, BREATH OF LIFE travels the globe in search…

Sermon Video: "The Gift of Wonder"

13 February 2017
A sermon given by Rev. Tom Goldsmith on February 5, 2017  

Sermon Video: "Why Do We Work So Much?"

13 February 2017
A sermon given by Rev. Tom Goldsmith on January 29, 2017  

First Church Info Session - February 5th

02 February 2017
Sunday, February 5 after each service in Room 208. Join Rev. Matthew and other newcomers for a brief, informal gathering to learn more about First Church and Unitarian Universalism. Meet Matthew at the piano at the end of the service. Invite your friends and family who are new!  

Consulting with the Consultant - Feb. 25

02 February 2017
-Submitted by John Rasmusson Looking at a glass of water, the optimist says, “It’s half full.” The pessimist says, “It’s half empty. The consultant says, “It’s twice too big.” Looking at First Church, the optimist says “It’s a flawless organization.” The pessimist says, “It’s riddled with problems.” The consultant says....Come…

Celebration Sunday: Show An Affirming Flame

30 January 2017
Celebration Sunday Theme -submitted by Julia Rossi The theme of Celebration Sunday is ‘Show an Affirming Flame,’ the last line of a famous, albeit controversial, poem written by the famous poet, W. H. Auden in the throes of World War II. In an article written in the New York Times…

Torch Column: Reverendly Yours

30 January 2017
Reverendly Yours - Rev. Tom Goldsmith Liberals have always had a long to-do list for fixing the world. A little call for justice here, a strong cry of righteous anger there, a meeting now and again, a protest march, and some social media commentaries often sufficed as the extent to…

Torch Column: In the Life

30 January 2017
(scroll down to see more announcements from Matthew) In the Life: Rev. Matthew Cockrum “Look, in the’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!” This exclamatory statement comes to mind as we continue to wade into the waters of these troubling social and political times. So much of our…

Religious Education Corner

30 January 2017
Well, it looks like we’ve reached mid-year-point in our Religious Education program. We’ve just concluded an 8-week cycle featuring guest speakers representing seven world religions and the critical issue of social justice: Tibetan BuddhismJudaismHinduismUnitarian Universalism, with Barbara Creek from our own congregationChristianityBaha’iIslamReverend Harold Straughn, speaking in honor of Dr. Martin…

Congregational Briefs and Announcements 2/6/2017

30 January 2017
Social Justice Film On Saturday, March 11, Eliot Hall, 7 pm, we will show the film, “the Settlements,” a documentary directed by Shimon Dotan, a Jewish professor at NYU. The film interviews people who represent many sides of the issue, including Zionists and Palestinians with new and varied viewpoints. We…


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