Caring Network

UU Caring Network for Short Term Needs

Fill in the form below to become part of the Church's New Caring Network!

  • What's new: As a volunteer you can help other network members stay informed.
  • In return: You will be informed of the special short term needs we learn about.
  • As a result: You will have a chance to help as you are able.

Here are the levels of service available to you:

  1. I will give special attention to needs that I hear about: (illness, hospitalization, deaths in the family, other setbacks,...) and share my findings with our church's new Caring Network
  2. I will stay informed about the special needs reported to volunteers by reading the emails sent to me as a volunteer (confidential, when appropriate).
  3. I will offer help when the need is something I know how to meet.
  4. I want to learn more about caring for people in need; (please let me know when classes will be available).


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