Search for Senior Minister

Search Committee
The Search Committee has been selected and your members are:


The Search Committee has submitted our Congregational Record and Questionnaire (text available here) to the UUA which ministers will be able to review in deciding to apply for our senior minister position

Focus Group and Cottage Meetings
In October the Search Committee held Focus Groups and Cottage Meetings. The Focus Groups are meetings with individuals who share an important interest or identity in common (e.g. RE parents/teacher). The Cottage Meetings are open to any church member. We ask that no one attend more than one Cottage Meeting. Focus Groups are meeting at various times and places. Cottage Meetings were held every Sunday during the 10 am and noon coffee hours in Room 219 (labelled “Office”) above Eliot Hall. Cottage Meetings were OPEN to the first fifteen people who arrived 
Search Committee Congregational Survey
The congregational survey was completed by 272 individuals - over 60% of church members.  THANK YOU!
CLICK HERE for the Survey Results
UUA Guidance. The Unitarian Universalist Association provides extensive direction and guidance for the search for a new “settled minister.” Click here -- and here --