Weddings have become a Big Business industry. Thus the ceremony itself must focus exclusively on the personal, prove meaningful to the couple, and inspire a profound feeling of intimacy for all in attendance. The purpose of the ceremony far surpasses making the relationship legal; it becomes the fulcrum of celebration, fun, and dignity. The ceremony is more than a photo op. It is where a couple announces to the world that their future will be a mutual journey and their lives thereby enriched. Selecting the "right" person to serve as celebrant for the occasion will prove a rewarding effort.

As minister of the First Unitarian Church in Salt Lake City since 1987, I have officiated more than 1,000 weddings in Utah. Each ceremony is unique because I don't offer a canned framework. Every couple I have ever worked with has been appreciative for the time and attention paid to their distinctive way of expressing their personal joy publicly.

I have published several articles in Modern Bride Magazine that reflect the sensibilities of performing a wedding where families stem from different religious and/or ethnic cultures and traditions. I have also published in Salt Lake City Magazine on the different styles of weddings that a mountain venue makes possible. I love officiating weddings because they fill me with life's joys, an important balance in a minister's duties that also extend to helping families in times of loss.

Couples tend to feel anxious about fees which is only natural since they get sucked into the vortex of the wedding industry. In trying to be accessible to couples, my fees have remained the same for the past eight years. I can't remember a time when fees precluded a couple from asking for my services. If finance is a worry, talk to me. A wedding in the church's chapel is $1000. That includes: the rental, rehearsal, and all personnel (minister, music director, and custodian). If you wish to hold your reception in our fine social hall, the charge is $175 for the first two hours (custodial fees may apply). A longer reception will add $50 an hour on top of the initial cost.

If you wish to consider my services in an entirely different venue, the fee is $350 locally and $425 for the mountain resorts. No fee is charged for an initial interview that would include outlining the ceremony.

If you are reading this page, you are undoubtedly in search of someone to officiate a wedding. Congratulations on your decision to marry. I hope I can help elevate your ceremony to the level of meaning that you have intended all along.

Rev. Tom Goldsmith, Senior Minister
Phone: 801.582.8687 ext.204