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01 November 2019

All The Things

Thank You

As hard as it is to believe, our first curriculum block of the year is over for grades 1st-6th this week! Take a minute to thank you classes teachers for volunteering their time, talent and love!

    1st/2nd- Carrie and Calvin Black
    3rd/4th-Julie Miller
    5th/6th- Ian Mitchell and Kendra Smith



Woot! For grades 1st-6th grade, next week begins our Art Block. As the youth voted on at the end of last church year, this year we are supporting Primary Children's Medical Center by making and creating art kits for children in-patient in their network of hospitals. As always, in order to do our good work in the world, we need your help! All of the supplies and activities have been planned, the only thing we need now is you!  Please sign-up below to volunteer to be a classroom assistant or a lead teacher.


Family Fun Night

Ho Ho Ho! I know, I know, we haven't even finished with the Halloween nonsense this week. But Christmas is coming sooner rather than later, and so are the wagons of expectations with it. Let's talk about it!

Join us on Monday, November 4th at 6:15 pm for the LAST Family Fun Night of 2019. We will be joined by Rev. Tom Goldsmith, and we're hashing out the holidays. We'll start with dinner at 6:15 pm, then our friend's elementary school and younger will go on their way. Friends younger than Kindergarten will go with our fabulous childcare provider, Anna Fonnesbeck, to play in the nursery. Elementary-aged folks will join Lissa Lander and Amanda Esko to work on a super-secret holiday project. Older youth are welcome to join in the discussion with the adults.

This should be a fun night for all. Please get in touch with any dietary restrictions or allergies. See you on Monday!

Family Fun Night Registration

Speaking of Family Fun Night, we're desperate for volunteers to cook for Monday's dinner! You have a budget of $200, it can be home-made or ordered-in. If you've enjoyed Family Fun Night's in the past, please consider taking a turn to organize the meal. 

Family Fun Night Dinner Patrol

Join the RE Party! Registration for this church year is up and running, please register today! 


We're looking for chalice lighting families! Please signup to light our chalice in the main sanctuary!   Questions, email Amanda Esko at . Click here to register for Chalice Lighting


Help! Our classrooms still need volunteers! Follow the link below to signup. Remember, we are a co-operative program, and need family support in order to maintain safe adult/youth ratios in classrooms!  Questions, email Amanda Esko at . Click here to sign up to volunteer