Sunday August 30th Sermon: "Portland" by Rev. Tom Goldsmith

28 August 2020


With the building closed due to the COVID situation, join us for our virtual sermons and coffee hour on Sunday.  

Sermon for Sunday August 30th "Portland" by Rev. Tom Goldsmith.  
The sermon will be posted on our YouTube channel Saturday August 29th.
Then join us for our Virtual Coffee Hour via Zoom on Sunday August 30th at 11am.
Here is the link for our Youtube channel sermons:
Here is the link for our zoom Virtual Coffee Hour:


Order of Service August 30, 2020

  • Opening Words - Rev. Tom Goldsmith
  • Chalice Lighting - Rowan & Kevin Emerson
  • Story For All Ages - Amanda Esko
  • Meditation - Rev. Monica Dobbins
  • Music Response "Andante Cantabile" from the Piano Sonata by Howard Swanson, American 1907-1978 - David Owens-Lupu piano
  • Sermon "Portland" - Rev. Tom Goldsmith
  • Interlude "Prelude No.2" (excerpt) by Frank Martin, Swiss/Dutch  1890-1974 - David Owens-Lupu piano
  • Closing Words - Rev. Tom Goldsmith
  • Postlude "Prelude No. 1 - Rocktata" (excerpts and improvisation) by Michael Valenti, American 1942-,  - David Owens-Lupu