2021 Auction: Recap, Auction Items still Available, Link to the "Modern Unitarian" video

03 December 2021


Our most heartfelt gratitude goes out to YOU—our community members who generously support our church and our work. And thanks to the Auction Committee and volunteers who made this night possible 

Just in time for the day after Thanksgiving sales--here are the auction items that are still available.  Please contact Stefanie at or call the church office at 801-582-8687 ext 202 (please leave a message) if you would like to purchase any of these items. 

Check out the incredibly well done "Modern Unitarian" video that premiered at the auction (YouTube link at the bottom of the page).


Auction Items Still Available (updated 1-27-22)

Silent Mindfulness Meditation Retreat (FEB 2/12/22), 6 spots available, $50 ea

Silent Mindfulness Meditation Retreat (MAY 5/21/22), 9 spots available, $50 ea

Easy-Peasy Bread-Making Class 3/12/22, 6 spots available, $40 ea

Floral Art Stitchery, 1 item available, $50

Thai Dance (art), 1 item available, $50

Group Billiards Lesson for 6 (Date TBD), 1 item available, $125

Politics and Pundits, 2 spots available, $80 Sold

Embellished perfume Bottle, 1 item available, $25 Sold

Big Band Concert & Dance Party (6/11/22), 33 spots available, $45

Wine and Wander (6/26/22), 30 spots available, $30

Tarot Among Friends, 1 spot available, $75 Sold

Double-fermented kombucha class & equipment, 1 spot available, $140

1960s Prom with $onny and Cher (6/4/22), 37 spots available, $35

Antique Mason’s Ironstone China Pitcher, 1 available, $60 Sold

Women’s Teton Retreat (July 29-31), 3 spots available, $250



 Fairly Free Thinker Award

Photo by Ken Kraus (thanks Ken!)


Directed & produced by Becky Heal.
Lyrics by Todd Seymour.
Musical direction by David Owens-Lupu.
Audio & video production by Tristan Moore