November 28th Sermon "Wounded Healers" by Rev. Monica Dobbins

25 November 2021


Please join us for our Sunday Service, November 28th at 9am and 11am with Rev. Monica Dobbins  
Sermon: Wounded Healers

For Worship service at 9am and 11am inside the building.

  • Ticketing is mandatory (reserve your free ticket on our Eventbrite page) Click Here.
  • Masks are mandatory (and for sale if people forget)
  • Proof of vaccination is mandatory, but a photo of your vaccination card is acceptable. Using is also acceptable.
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The 11am worship service will be live-streamed over zoom followed by Virtual Coffee Hour (no coffee hour at the in-person services). 
The zoom link is on the front page of the website. 
Many Thanks to Lissa Lander and Nikki Blackburn Fuller for cantoring today
  • Prelude: "Prelude II" by Eugénie Rocherolle (American, 1939-) - David Owens-Lupu, piano
  • Welcome/Chalice Lighting: Rev. Monica Dobbins
  • Why I Give: Derek Gersdorf
  • Hymn #1027: “Cuando el Pobre” - Lissa Lander and Nikki Blackburn Fuller, cantors
  • Meditation: Rev. Monica Dobbins
  • Meditation Response: "Prelude Op.13, No.3" by Alexander Scriabin (Russian, 1872-1915) -  David Owens-Lupu, piano
  • Offertory
  • Doxology: - Lissa Lander and Nikki Blackburn Fuller, cantors
    • From all that dwell below the skies
    • Let hymns of faith and hope arise
    • May peace, good will on earth be sung
    • Through every land by every tongue
    • Amen
  • Sermon: "Wounded Healers" - Rev. Monica Dobbins
  • Hymn: "If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking” words by Emily Dickinson - Lissa Lander and Nikki Blackburn Fuller, cantors
  • Benediction/Extinguish Chalice: Rev. Monica Dobbins
  • Postlude: ""Andante" from the Piano Concerto No.2 by Dmitri Shostakovich (Russian, 1906-1975) - David Owens-Lupu, piano
#1027 Cuando el Pobre
(When the Poor Ones)
words by Jose Olivar and Martin Seltz
music by Jose Olivar and Miguel Manzano
Cuando-el pobre nada tiene y-aún reparte,
cuando alguien pasa sed y-aguanos da,
cuando-el débil a su-hermano fortalece,
va Dios mismo-en nuestro mismo caminar
va Dios mismo-en nuestro mismo caminar.
When the poor ones, who have nothing,
still are giving;
When the thirsty pass the cup, 
water to share;
When the wounded offer others strength and healing:
We see God,
here by our side,
walking our way.
When compassion gives the suffering consolation;
When expecting brings to birth
hope that was lost;
When we choose love, not the hatred all around us:
We see God,
here by our side,
walking our way.