Applications to Join the Sr. Minister Search Committee

14 March 2022

Applications to Join the Sr. Minister Search Committee

As we embark on the next step in our ministerial transition, that of selecting a search committee to find us our next Sr. Minister, the Transition Team encourages everyone to participate to the fullest as you are all able.  Following is an outline of the Sr. Minister Search Committee Selection Process and what is coming next.  The first step in the process to create a Sr. Minister Search Committee is to gather potential names from church members and friends.  The Transition Team will lead this process by surveying First Church members and friends using the church’s text messaging system and email followed up with phone calls to make sure we have included as many members and friends as possible.  We expect this initial process to take approximately three weeks at which time the Transition Team will contact potential nominees regarding their qualifications and willingness to serve and then send the names of 12-14 potential members to the Boad for consideration. The Board will identify a Search Committee slate consisting of seven (7) active First Church members.  This slate will be published in the church’s annual report and distributed to all congregants prior to the annual congregational meeting on May 15, 2022. The Candidates for Sr. Minister Search Committee will be ratified as a slate at the annual congregational meeting on May 15, 2022.  A Slate of candidates is nominated rather than individuals because the candidates are selected as a team, bringing individual skills, experience and personalities that should complement each other’s to create an effective whole, as well as ensure diversity and inclusion.  No nominations from the floor will be considered. Please note the following criteria for service on the Ministerial Search Committee:

  • Membership in First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City is required.
  • Member(s) of the Transition Team or Board will not be eligible to serve on the Search Committee due to the time and energy required of search committee members during the term of their membership on the committee.
  • Nominees must agree to suspend other time-consuming positions they hold with the church if chosen for the search committee.

The member and friends survey will be conducted through Google and will ask you to consider the following questions.  After thinking about all of these questions, please submit for consideration up to seven (7) names of First Church members who you trust to serve on the search committee on behalf of the congregation.  Note: Self-nominations are encouraged here!

  • What are the good qualities needed for someone to serve on a ministerial search committee?
  • Who in the congregation works well with others?
  • Who can represent and serve the whole congregation well (including looking out for the needs of children) and not just a piece or “faction” of the congregation?  Who is free of a conflict of interest?  
  • Who knows (or can learn) the history and culture of the congregation, whether a member of long standing or relatively new?
  • Who has been and/or is active in the congregation and has demonstrated both responsible participation and responsible leadership?
  • Who would be able to know and relate the strengths and weaknesses of our congregation to potential candidates?

Link for the Sr. Minister Search Committee nomination form > click here


A full copy of the Sr. Minister Search Committee Selection Process including the search committee job description and timeline can be found [HERE]