May 15th Sermon "But That's Not What Ships are For" Rev. Ian White Maher

12 May 2022


Please join us for our Sunday Service, May 15th at 9am and 11am with Rev. Ian White Maher

Sermon: But That's Not What Ships are For

Mask optional, but strongly recommended

Both worship services will be live-streamed over zoom. The 11am service will be followed by Virtual Coffee Hour. In person coffee hour will be in Eliot Hall after each service. 

The zoom link is on the front page of the website.


Sincere thanks and farewell to Jan Gandy for contributing her fine talents with the flute to this Sunday's worship service. She and Paul as music makers in our church will be greatly missed. We wish them the best in their new home in Hawaii. As well, we would like to thank Bob Berger for the shared allowance of his harpsichord today. Thank You Jan and Bob!!

  • Prelude: "Lullaby from the Chugoku Area" by K. Yamada (Japanese 1886-1965) - Jan Gandy, flute; David Owens-Lupu, harpsichord
  • Welcome/Chalice Lighting/Announcements: Rev. Monica Dobbins
  • Lay Minister: Carole Straughn
  • Meditation: Rev. Monica Dobbins
  • Meditation Response: "Bridal Doll" by H. Sugiyama (Japanese 1889-1952) - Jan Gandy, flute; David Owens-Lupu, harpsichord 
  • Offertory: "Blossoms" by R. Taki (Japanese 1879-1903) - Jan Gandy, flute; David Owens-Lupu, organ
  • Doxology: 
    • From all that dwell below the skies
    • Let hymns of faith and hope arise
    • May peace, good will on earth be sung
    • Through every land by every tongue
    • Amen
  • Sermon: "But That's Not What Ships are For" - Rev. Ian White Maher
  • Interlude: "Lento" from Orfeo and Euridice by Christoph Willibald Gluck (German 1714-1787) - Jan Gandy, flute; David Owens-Lupu, harpsichord 
  • Benediction/Extinguish Chalice: Rev. Ian White Maher
  • Postlude: "Tambourin" by Frz, Jos. Gossec (French 1734-1829) - Jan Gandy, flute; David Owens-Lupu, harpsichord