June 5th Sermon "Celebrating Pride" Rev. Ian White Maher, Rev. Monica Dobbins

02 June 2022


Please join us for our Sunday Service, June 5th at 9am with Rev. Ian White Maher, Rev. Monica Dobbins and welcome our friends from South Valley and Ogden

Sermon: Celebrating Pride

Mask optional, but strongly recommended

The worship service will be live-streamed over zoom. Coffee Hour (In person in Eliot Hall and virtual on zoom) will follow the service.

The zoom link is on the front page of the website.



  • Gathering Music - David Owens-Lupu, piano
  • Welcome and Chalice Lighting - Rev. Monica Dobbins
  • Prayer - Rev. Lora Young
  • Reading - Rose Harris
  • Music "The Impossible Dream" - John Allen, vocals - David Owens-Lupu, piano
  • Reflection - Kari Surles
  • Reflection - Rev. Ian White Maher
  • Music - David Owens-Lupu, piano
  • Benediction - Rev. Lora Young
  • Exit Music - David Owens-Lupu, piano

Offertory taken on the way out, to be donated to the Pride Center