July 17th Summer Forum "Climate Change: Why Worry and Why Hope"

12 July 2022

Welcome to Summer Forum 2022

Please join us for Summer Forum 2022 guest speaker series presentation Sunday, July 17th at 10am.

Climate Change: Why Worry and Why Hope

Climate change has been in the news more than ever before. New disasters, new policies, and new court decisions greet you from your favorite news source seemingly every day.

What are we facing in Utah? What policies at the federal level would make the most meaningful differences, and what would they gain us? And what can you do to make the greatest impact? Hint: reducing your personal carbon footprint is great, but there are other things that matter even more.

On July 17 th, Steve Glaser will moderate a discussion with Jesse Stewart, Deputy Director of Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities, Tom Moyer, Utah State Coordinator for Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and Lexi Tuddenham, Executive Director of Healthy Environmental Alliance of Utah (HEAL Utah). 

Jesse’s responsibilities with Salt Lake City include drinking water treatment and distribution, sewer collections and treatment, and stormwater quality and flood control, all of which are affected by climate change. Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a non-partisan group working with both political parties to create the political will for a livable world. They were instrumental in forming the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus in Congress, and worked with the Utah legislature to pass the 2018 “Environmental and Economic Stewardship Resolution.” HEAL Utah promotes renewable energy and clean air while protecting public health and the environment from dirty, toxic, and nuclear threats by empowering grassroots advocates, creating science-based solutions, and developing common-sense policy that centers on the most impacted communities.

Special thanks to team leader Steve Glaser for arranging today's Summer Forum

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Masks required (Salt Lake County just moved back into the red zone/updated June 18).

The presentation will be live-streamed over zoom. Coffee Hour (In person in Eliot Hall and virtual on zoom) will follow the presentation.  The zoom link is on the front page of the website.

Childcare is available on the playground for younger children (potty-trained-5th/6th grade) 10am-11am.