August 7th Summer Forum "End the Israeli Occupation: Two Versions of Peace"

02 August 2022

Welcome to Summer Forum 2022

Please join us for Summer Forum 2022 guest speaker series presentation Sunday, August 7th at 10am.

End the Israeli Occupation: Two Versions of Peace

The upcoming forum will deal with the sticky issue of peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.  Although the wide majority of American Jews support Israel right or wrong, there are some Jewish peace groups who look at the situation objectively within various nuances. We are lucky to have speakers who will share their views on how peace can be achieved. 

Matthew Weinstein - president of J Street for Utah
Nora Abu-Dan - Palestinian-American
Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb - Berkeley, California, and a member of Jewish Voice for Peace

J Street, a center-left group and Jewish Voice for Peace, a far leftist group, differ on whether a one-state solution or a two-state solution is the best solution. They also differ on BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) and they differ on whether Israel is a Democratic state and can be a Democratic state if a one-state solution is implemented.  They may differ on whether is Israel is an Apartheid state since recently five international organizations including the UN, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have called Israel an Apartheid state.  However, they all agree that Israel is committing land grabs, committing human rights abuses and ethnic cleansing. Please join us for this controversial topic. 


Matthew Weinstein - He grew up in the Jewish community in Baltimore which is where he first became active in the pro-Israel, pro-peace organization, J Street, whose Utah chapter he currently helps to lead.  He has visited Israel 10 times, including three visits which last over a year.  He follows political developments there closely through both the English and the Hebrew language media.

Nora Abu-Dan, a Palestinian American, is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of the Emerald Project, a non partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to combating the misrepresentation of Islam.  She lives in Salt Lake City.

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb - Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, a member of Jewish Voice for Peace, has served as an activist rabbi for 50 years. She presents The MIshkan Book which is the Torah of nonviolence and tells stories of witness and beautiful resistance from Palestine, Turtle Island, Iran, Honduras, New Mexico and more. She conducts earth loving, non-binary, disaporic, justice-centered, art-filled accountable Jewish solidarity and ritual practice based on the legacies of Jewish nonviolence. She loves to support local actions and community organizaing for racial justice, indigenous land return, gender justice and Palestinian solidarity.

Special thanks to team leader Barbara Taylor for arranging today's Summer Forum

Further reading and viewing on Palestine:
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Books: (All Jewish Authors)
Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict by Phillis Bennis
The Way to the Spring- Ben Ehrenreich
The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine-Ilan Pappe
The Israel-Palestine Conflict-Neil Caplan
Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism-Carolyn Karcher

Call your Senator or House rep: 202 224 3121

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Masks required

The presentation will be live-streamed over zoom. Coffee Hour (In person in Eliot Hall and virtual on zoom) will follow the presentation.  The zoom link is on the front page of the website.

Childcare is available on the playground for younger children (potty-trained-5th/6th grade) 10am-11am.