Social Justice Film March 11th

02 March 2017

The Unitarian Social Justice Committee and Utahns for Just Peace in the Holy Land invite you to view the film “the Settlers,” Saturday, March 11, in Elliot Hall.

Watching President Trump stumble through policies affecting the Middle East is painful. So many people are whispering into his ear- King Abdullah of Jordan, son in law Jared Kushner, and American billionaire Sheldon Adelson (a right wing admirer of Mr. Netanyahu).

The most “telling” is the new, close, inseparable relationship Trump has with Bibi Netanyahu. At their joint press conference Donald made a flippant remark, off the cuff to Bibi, “Hold back on settlements for a little bit.” Is this how he announces policy? What does he mean, “a little bit.” There are so many settlements on Palestinian land now, that a separate Palestinian state (which has been US policy for 2 decades) may be impossible to achieve.

Israelis, like the Americans, are a divided people. About 40% of Israelis, allies of the right wing, see the West Bank which they call Judea and Samaria, as holy. They don’t even recognize it as Occupied Territory. Reminding us of George Orwell, they call it “Disputed Territory.” They do not recognize international law, UN resolutions or the Geneva Convention. They ignore the green line which the UN recognizes as the West Bank border. They actually benefit from Palestinian resistance since it serves their purpose by providing reasons for a harsher military.

About 40% of Israelis (mostly living in Tel Aviv) see Israel as secular and loathe the settler movement, which they fear is changing their country from a democracy to a fascist state.

Please join us Saturday, March 11, Eliot Hall to view the film, “the Settlers,” which examines the Zionist views and the Palestinian views. The film is directed by Shimon Dotan, a Jewish professor at NYU. The film last 1 hr 45 min. We hope to have an exhilarating QA following the presentation. Mark your calendars, please.  -Barbara Taylor