Youth Ministry Updates

02 March 2017

Stay in touch with the other youth and families involved in religious education at First Church! Be “in the know” about upcoming events and reports on progress of programs.
World Religions - grades 6 & 7 - Facebook Group
Our Whole Lives - grades 8 & 9 - Facebook Group
High School - grades 10-12 - Facebook Group

A huge thank you for all of the support for the 10th-12th grade in recent months in their upcoming service trip to the Center for Ethical Living & Social Justice Renewal in New Orleans ( and also by parents, teachers and other congregants who helped out with the recent high school Our Whole Lives weekends.

Special thanks to the teaching team: Annette Ephroni, James Griner, Mary Elizabeth Mitchell and Randon Beckstead.
Sleepless thanks to the chaperones: Bryan VandenBirge, Cooper, Elaine Stehel, Jenica Davis-Hockett, Kaden Colton and Nick Shifrar
Additional thanks to panelists: Beth Jennings and Marlin Taylor.

You are all part of maintaining this flourishing and critical ministry at First Church!

Interested in helping out with future youth ministry projects? We’ll begin selecting teachers, facilitators and mentors for the 2017-2018 church year in the coming months. To apply or ask questions please contact Rev. Matthew Cockrum at or 801.582.8687 ext. 205.