Religious Education News

13 March 2017

Celebration Sunday - The Big Mix-Up

But not what you think! I’m referring to the remarkable mix of generations that collaborated on one outstanding Sunday celebration—the one conducted on March 5. Not only did we have a full-to-overflowing house, but we had every set from our Religious Education program—the elementary-age kids, the junior high group and the seniors rally ‘round the pulpit, each with his or her individual and group insights in what represents the best, the essence, of what it means to be a devoted Unitarian—kind, concerned, fair and inclusive.

The presentation revealed how even the youngest members of our families are able to contribute to a strong sense of community which, of course, is one of the benefits of membership at First Church. This being Celebration Sunday, however, a key theme was taking responsibility for ensuring the vibrancy of the congregation.

Toward that end, Matthew Cockrum (our Minister of Congretational Life) transitioned to the Offering, in which he announced both good news and bad. The good news, said Matthew, is “we have all the money we need! (Pause….) The bad news is, it’s still in your pockets!” Special thanks to David Owens and David Zabriskie for their masterful musical and organizational skills, which energized the entire congregation.

For me, perhaps the strongest and most inspiring memory of the morning was the warm and cohesive sentiment that permeated the congregation—we are here, together, to support what is good and right for our entire community—the Church, our city and our country. My thanks to all who provide the “seeds”—the funds, the time and the talent that support our RE Program.

Just Around the RE Corner

Sunday March 19
RE Council Meeting Room 201, 12:30-2pm

Saturday March 25
Interested in launching a Family Fun Night for our older youth? Meet in the Haven for our first “Movie Night.” Thirteen and up are welcome—adults, you too! Check our community calendar for more information.

Sunday April 2
Our Arts Program ends for children 4 through 11 years of age and we return to traditional curricula/class programming EXCEPT for grades 1 & 2 for whom we will offer Our Whole Lives “OWL” program from 11:00 to noon. For this group, OWL (Our Whole Lives) supports parents in educating children about birth, babies, bodies and families. Parents are required to attend this program offering with their child. If you do not want your child to attend this award-winning program, your child will be able to join another class during this time.

Monday April 3
Family Fun Night. All families, interested members or friends of our congregation are welcome to join us at 6pm for dinner. Adult time and activities for the children to follow until 7:30pm. We strongly encourgage you to pre-register for this event.

Sunday April 9
Child Dedication Sunday, during both 9am and 11am services. If you have an infant or young child whom you want welcomed into our Church community, please let Lissa Lander or Julie Miller know as soon as possible.

Sunday April 16
Easter Sunday. Easter Egg Hunt for the youngest members of our RE community, weather permitting. On this Sunday, The RE program will support our Refugee Committee by collecting gently-used toys or games and NEW (Health Dept. requirement) stuffed toys. Your generous donation will be greatly appreciated by children who arrive in our State with very few, if any, personal items. Your donation can be dropped off in box which will be placed in the Little Chapel marked “Refugee Toy Donation”.

In Service,
Julie Miller, Director of Religious Education