UU Theatre Group - Upcoming Plays

28 March 2017

The Theatre Group attends various performances at venues around the city throughout the year.

Please contact Helen Stanhope at 801-550-2852 or for questions or for ticketing information. Below is a list of scheduled activities for the group. Also, Helen will be retiring from her post after the August Shakespeare Festival. If you are interested in taking over the Theatre Group, please let her know.

April's Play -- Hand to God at Salt Lake Acting Company. Saturday, April 29. Dinner at the Oasis at 5:00

May's play -- Will Roger's Follies Pioneer Memorial Theater at U of U -- Tuesday, May 9 at 7:00. Dinner to be determined.

June's play -- Saturday's Voyeur Saturday, June 24. Tickets will be purchased in early April as it sells out quickly. Cabaret style so bring your picnic dinner and wine to share to the theater. I will make a pitcher of margarita's to share.

July's event -- Grand Teton Music Festival and camp trip -- July 13 - 16. Information will be coming soon about music performance etc.

August plays -- Cedar City Shakespeare Festival -- August 2 - 6 -- some people come for the entire series, others come for just a long weekend. Discount hotel rooms available at the Stratford Inn. Go to bard.org for more information and contact Helen for questions.

October plays -- Fall Cedar City Shakespeare Festival -- October 13 - 14. Again, go to bard.org for more information. Still have discounted rooms at the Stratford.