A Greeting from you new Assistant Minister, Monica Dobbins

08 May 2017

“The ancient human question ‘Who am I?’ leads inevitably to the equally important question ‘Whose am I?’ – for there is no selfhood outside of relationship.”  - Douglas Steere, quoted by Parker Palmer in Let Your Life Speak

You and I find ourselves in the opposite position, don’t we? You already know by now “whose” I am – I am yours! I am your new minister. But you probably don’t know “who” I am. I am anxious to tell you about myself, and curious to learn about you as well – your lives, your values, your history, the things you love and that matter to you. I want you to know these things about me too.

I graduate from seminary in just a couple of weeks, so this will be my first full-time professional ministry. As a graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago, I have focused my efforts on multicultural and anti-oppression ministries, social justice efforts, and pastoral care. I love to preach, and I am an avid student of history. These are the gifts I’m bringing to my ministry among you.

But I’ll bet you’d like to know something a bit more personal about me. So I’d also like to tell you that I have been married to a fantastic fellow, Drew Reamer, for 15 wonderful years, and we have a daughter, Hana Dobbins-Reamer, who will be 10 by the time you meet her. Hana is a spunky, self-assured, free-thinking young lady, and our closest friends sometimes call us “the Gilmore Girls”.  Our family loves hiking and camping – Hana and I are both Girl Scouts – and we are big fans of Harry Potter and the Rick Riordan books for young readers. I love to quilt, when I have time, and I love to cook. Of course, it’s hard to beat the food in Alabama, but I welcome you to prove it to me otherwise!

I’m a proud Southerner, and you’ll know when you talk with me: you’ll hear that Southern drawl in my voice, and you’ll often hear me sing and clap and laugh out loud. Yet I love to travel, and I’m so excited about this adventure to the Mountain West. Nothing makes me feel more alive than seeing a new place and getting to know its land, people, and cultures. I cannot wait to share this journey with you.

Yours in faith,

Monica Dobbins