Refugee Resettlement Committee: The Hannah Awards

26 October 2017

As part of the program at the Refugee Resettlement Committee Volunteer Dinner tonight the following special recognition of volunteer efforts was made in the form of “Hannah Awards,” (recognition comparable to an Oscar, Emmy, etc.)  Use of the name Hannah was inspired by its' Hebrew translation, meaning “grace” or “favor,” to capture the spirit of the RRC volunteer activity. Awards in the form of a prominent letter “H” (suitable for painting, plating, etc), were presented to those in attendance and will be delivered to other awardees later:

  • "Walking Wounded Award" to Ron Anderson, who has continued to be active in donation pick up and delivery despite a recently aggravated leg muscle limiting his mobility.
  • "Worthy Traveler Award" to Michael Pennie and Doug Roberts, who have traveled the farthest distance recently to be available for hauling duty.
  • "Olympic Hopeful Award" to Bonnie Baty and Ross Chambless, for agility and creativity shown in unconventional access to dwellings in household delivery and set ups.
  • "Rolling Wonders Award" to Andrea Globokar and Frank Globokar, for set up of the Pedal Project and successful refurbishing and delivery of donated bicycles, new helmets and locks.
  • “Basket Bounties Award” to Nancy Rasmuson and Johanna Whiteman, for set up of the Welcome Basket Project and successful delivery of full baskets.
  • “Happy Housewares Award” to Carolyn Erickson, Nancy Douglas and Nancy Howard, for skilled Unit 564 household donation related activity.
  • "Beverly Hillbillies Award” to Jim Wilcox and Gary Widdison, for creative stacking and hauling of donations through downtown SLC.
  • “Spinner of Gold/Successful Prospector Award” to Frank Steffey and Meredith and Robert Peterson, for RRC fund raising, e.g. managing KSL donation sales, etc.
  • “Weather Warrior Award” to IRC Volunteer Coordinator Kayla Norman, for braving the first snow storm of 2017 to train IRC volunteers at First Church.
  • “Fireman Award” to Richard Anderton, Joe Herring, Gene Mahalko, Will Morris, Mohammed Mushib and John Rasmuson, for response on short notice to urgent RRC activity.  

Thank you to Rev Monica Dobbins, First Church Board member Jan Crane and IRC staff Jessica Anderson, Jess Sheets and Kayla Norman, for attendance tonight. And thank you to all RRC volunteers for making a positive difference in many lives.