Holiday Swap 2017

27 November 2017

Holiday Swap

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Our swap will be at San Esteban Episcopal Church, 4615 So. 3200 West

                                               Noon – 4p.m.

               Drop off ONLY at First Unitarian Church, 8 – 10a.m.

               or drop off at San Esteban when you visit the swap.

If you are joining us for Art Lee’s Colorado River System program on the evening of the 15th, you may bring your items with you.

Purpose:  Share what we have with each other, our neighboring community, families being resettled in Salt Lake City by the International Rescue Committee & with others in need.  Reduce waste, recycle what you don’t    need, reuse what others don’t need, share your abundance.

How this works:

  • Bring what you don't need (items like clothing, jewelry, books, music, videos, school supplies, kitchen & household items, linens, working electronics, toys & games – NO large furniture please) to the sixth south side of the church on Saturday morning.
  • Visit San Esteban, noon to 4 pm, to take what you need from what others have brought.
  • No money is exchanged.
  • Bring only what you don't need, take only what you do
  • What is not taken will be donated to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) & others in need.
  • The church does not have space to store donations before the swap, if you are not able to bring items on the day of the swap, consider asking a member, friend, or neighbor to drop items off during the swap hours. If you are attending the Environmental Ministry’s monthly
  • ALL are welcome.
  • Do your Christmas shopping here!

Hint: Come early if you plan to drop off items at the swap. Then they will be there when the person who needs

them comes to the swap – and you will have a better selection of items to choose from, as well.