Religious Education News: Thoughts for the New Year

28 November 2017

Julie Miller, Director of Religious Education

Celebrating the Winter Holidays is a wonderful way for each of us to express our commitment to our Sixth Principle—promoting and affirming a goal of achieving peace, freedom and justice for all.

May we hold lovingly in our thoughts those who suffer tyranny, cruelty, injustice and poverty. May we as Unitarian Universalists recognize our solidarity with the stranger, the outcast, the homeless, abused, deprived so that that no human will ever be treated as “other.” Let our common humanity weave us into a cohesive fabric.

May we pursue a prophet’s vision of living in harmony, side by side, respecting differences, accepting diversity, with no one exploiting the weak, and each of us living without fear of the other.

May we struggle against institutional injustice, free those whom we can from oppression and contempt, despise none, hate none, honor every child and every creature of the earth.

May we all know peace in the New Year and may we nurture kindness and love everywhere.


December RE Events

December 9 - Multigenerational Winter Holiday Party, 2-4pm, Eliot Hall
December 17 - Annual Christmas Pageant, 11am Service. This year, it’ll be a “Pop-Up” Pageant, meaning...everyone can participate.
December 21 - Winter Solstice Celebration. Service 6-7pm, dinner follows. This is a fundraiser for our youth Service Trip in 2018.
December 24 - Multigenerational Service. No RE programs or childcare today.

Please remember to support families in need from our sister congregation St. Esteban. You can do this by providing new socks, gloves or hats, or by purchasing a gift card from Walmart, Smith’s Marketplace or similar retailer. Gifts/donations may be wrapped and brought to First Church by December 10. Thank you in advance for your generosity!