In the Spotlight: Maddie Rossman

26 February 2018

I’m new to Salt Lake – I moved here in July to work at the University of Utah after graduating from Penn State in May with my Master’s in Higher Education. I really like it here! It’s been fun to explore the area and meet new people, especially at church. I’m originally from Indiana, and that’s where my mom and sister live. My brother lives in Virginia. I’m the middle child. It’s hard to live away from my family, but that’s where one grows the most – outside of one’s comfort zone. 

I grew up in Carmel, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis. I identify Bloomington, Indiana as my hometown now, after going to college and working there for a stint, and my mom has relocated there. I’m an academic advisor at the U – it’s great to be using my Master’s degree, and I get to help students every day. It’s very rewarding, and I feel extremely lucky to be living and working in Salt Lake. For hobbies, I like to go hiking and go on walks. I also like to read, and I love visiting museums and seeing shows, movies, and plays. I also enjoy singing, and I’m a member of the church choir. A goal of mine is to write a book, and I’m trying to learn how to play the ukulele. 

I’m a huge horror fan – books and movies. One of my favorite movies is “The Sixth Sense,” and my absolute favorite book is “The Shining” (unpopular opinion: the movie is trash) – I like when horror stories have a supernatural element and a clever twist. 

Moving to a city where I knew literally no one, I wanted to find a community, and becoming a part of a liberal church was on my agenda. My mom’s a Unitarian and suggested I check out the First Unitarian Church. 

This has been a place for me to learn, challenge myself, meet people, and explore. I’m so happy to have followed my mom’s advice to check out the church. Its mission to promote social justice and tolerance aligns with my own, and it has strengthened my resolve to exhibit compassion in all I do.

I’m a member of the Young Adults group, participate when I can in the church’s book club, sing in the choir, and partake in a Small Group Ministry. I also hike with the church’s hiking club and have gone out to brunch with the Lunch Bunch.

I hope to sign the book next month.  I want to support this church in any way I can, for I so believe in the Unitarian Universalist message.