Make It Count The 2018-19 Pledge Drive

02 March 2018

Make It Count! The 2018-19 Pledge Drive
There’s no secret or magic to congregational fundraising: simply put, we rely on the generosity of members and friends to make an annual pledge so that we can plan for the next fiscal year. Celebration Sunday, an important day in the calendar of our church, celebrates not only our church and its history, but also, and particularly, the generosity and commitment of its people. Celebration Sunday kicks off the pledge drive for 2018-19 on March 4. The pledge drive will run through Easter Sunday, and we hope that during those few weeks you will pledge your financial support and help us reach our goal.

Your pledge supports the daily operations of the church. The goal of the pledge drive is ambitious but doable—a 5% increase over last year’s actual, or $583,000—and it reflects three budgetary priorities for 2018-19. First, we will keep our second minister and invest into building safety. This will allow us to serve our steadily growing, multi-generational congregation with meaningful programming in a safe and welcoming environment. Secondly, we will provide the professional staff with a critical and long-overdue 2% cost-of- living increase. Lastly, we will expand the music department and recognize artist-in- residence David A. Zabriskie as Associate Music Director.

We chose this year’s motto, Make It Count!, in honor of our church’s mission to build a progressive and just world. With your participation, our church leads important social justice efforts in our community and makes a real impact on people’s lives. Our actions count. Please take action during the pledge drive, too, and pick up a pledge card at our table in Eliot Hall or contact church administrator Hal Gonzales directly (801-582- 8687 ext. 201). Whether you are a member or friend and have attended First Church for years or just a few months, please give as generously as you can—your contribution counts!

The Pledge Drive Committee