Refugee Resettlement Committee

01 June 2018

Refugee Resettlement Committee

Okay, boys and girls.  It’s time for a pop quiz. 

Which of these items can be left in the Little Chapel to be donated to refugees?

The dishes grandma got for opening a savings account in 1965.

The teddy bear that Little Mike picked up in Wal-Mart’s  parking lot.

The crystal martini glasses that dad used for guests.

The Christmas centerpiece mom made at Relief Society. 

The plush towels that dried Spike after his bath.

The Patagonia pants that shrunk while hanging in the closet.

The frying pan that defied Easy-off and Brillo pads.

The answers?  None of the above!  None!  Nada!

The rules governing acceptable donations have tightened recently.  Before leaving your stuff in the Little Chapel, please check the Refugee Resettlement Committee bulletin board in Eliot Hall for a list of donations that can be used. The same list can be found on the Little Chapel wall.