Religious Education News: Welcome Back

29 August 2018

Welcome back!  As the ease of summer days falls into the routines of fall, we look to places, like First Church, to provide our families with the centering connection of community. When RE marches into the sanctuary during Ingathering, take a moment to marvel at this community.  Our youth are artists, athletes, activists. And just like their adult counterparts, they are committed to social justice, spiritual growth, and their friendships here at First Church. Welcome our youth back into the sanctuary. Thank their parents and teachers for bringing them, teaching them, and being an integral part of our First Church community. As an RE team, we’re all so glad you’re here. 


Teacher Recognition

Our RE program could not function without the time and talent of our amazing volunteer teachers. Our teachers are parents, non-parents, and grandparents in our community. They dedicate themselves to the care and love of our youth. Please thank them when you see them in Eliot Hall!

Kindergarten/First Grade- Carrie Black, Kira Kilmer

Second/Third Grade- Melissa Bond, Kevin Emmerson

Fourth/Fifth Grade- Kendra Smith, Raleigh Smith

Sixth/Seventh Grade- Karin Baumgartner, Kris Lander, Adam Mansfield, Brie Pinales, Usha Spaulding

Eighth/Ninth Grade- Heather Heaton, Erin Johnson, Nancy Moos, Phil Moos, Marlin Taylor

Tenth-Twelfth Grade- Cooper, Derek Gersdorf, Jennica Davis-Hockett, Kristin Quinn, Dot Verbrugge 


Thank You!

A big thanks goes out to Steve Quinn for leading a basic first aid training for RE teachers during teacher training. Thanks Steve! 


RE Registration Is Up!

Please register your youth for RE today! Registration gives us updated family information, allows us to make accurate class rolls, and helps us plan activities. Follow this link to register! 



Ingathering is September 9th! Please meet your youth’s class on the plaza, so we can all march into the sanctuary together. Look for your teacher holding your class flag!



8th/9th Grade-  OWL parent orientation is on September 11th at 6:30 pm in Eliot Hall. This meeting is MANDATORY. Additionally, if you have friends who are interested in having youth participate, they need to email Amanda at as soon as possible. Due to the nature of the class, new students will not be able to register after September 23rd. 


Kindergarten- 2nd Grade- Two sessions of Kindergarten- 2nd grade OWL will be offered this year! The first session starts on September 30th and goes until November 18th, and the second session will run from January 27th to March 17th. Follow this link to register for either session. Priority is given to families registered in our RE program, but we welcome and encourage friends to participate as well! Please register as soon as possible for either session. 


Classroom Volunteers

Each family is required to volunteer in classes in the lower school. Parent volunteers do a variety of tasks, from helping take roll, to assisting with activities, to gathering snack. No preparation is required, just a willing spirit. Parent volunteers will meet the teacher in Little Chapel just prior to class. Follow the links to sign-up to volunteer in your youth's class!


Kindergarten/1st Grade

Second/ Third Grade

Fourth/Fifth Grade