Summer Forum Thank You

29 August 2018

Those amazing workers behind Summer Forum 2018. . .

On eight Sundays this summer, we had a strong team effort: Our Church hosted speakers, presenters and musicians who educated, informed and entertained.  We acknowledge Tim and Cathy Chambless for inviting the speakers, doing introductions and conducting Q&A sessions.  However, many others deserve credit for their essential work that made the Church’s Summer Forum series truly successful.

Becky Heal and Shirley Ray arranged for musicians to perform who magically complemented the tone of the speaker content.  Lee Shuster and his A/V team Don Walton and Joe Herring were there every Sunday to amplify and control sound and record video so others could enjoy remotely. Marc Peterson efficiently handled the volunteer sign-ups and reminders by email. Pauline Higgins, Marion Johnson and Jack Avery ensures there was coffee each Sunday.  Child care was lovingly provided by Anna Fonnesbeck in the pre-school room and playground. The multitude of other roles as ushers, welcome table greeters and coffee makers were filled by the dedicated volunteers (and their committees) listed below:

  • June 24; Colleen Bliss, Adam Mansfield, Tyler Jacobsen, Mark Rothacher, Melanie Hopkinson, Barbara Kreek, Nancy Howard, and Rick Bliss(Small Group Ministry)
  • July 1; Linda Waters, Henry Whiteside, Marc Peterson, CJ Sadiq, Romagosa, Marion Johnson, Greg Johnson
  • July 8; Donnie, Christine, Tara, Diane, Adrienne, Carol, Jana & Aimee (Women’s Sacred Circle) 
  • July 15; Gene Mahalko, Henry Whiteside, Linda Waters, Marc Peterson, Carol Romagosa 
  • July 22; Melanie Hopkinson, Linda Waters, Kira Kilmer, Marc Peterson, C.J. Sadiq, Connie Wilkerson, Marcia Reese
  • July 29; Gene Mahalko, Henry Whiteside, Kira Kilmer, C.J. Sadiq, and John Shavers
  • August 5; Sue Geary, Michele Page, Doug and Sandi Greene, Greg Johnson, Bill and Christine Ashworth, Gene Mahalko (Small Group Ministry)
  • August 12; Melanie Hopkinson, Henry Whiteside, Kira Kilmer, Sylvia Gray, Carol Romagosa

Also, we want to thank everyone who attended the Summer Forums— and asked Todd questions! Please thank each of these individuals when you see them for making our church an exciting, stimulating and welcoming place to be all year long!

Cathy and Tim Chambless