Small Group Ministry Soiree

29 August 2018

You are Invited

Small Group Ministry Sunday Soiree

9 September 6:00 PM Eliot Hall

Meet our group facilitators, current participants and new guests.

Welcome:Tom Goldsmith

Music: Becky Heal and David Owens

Refreshments: Hors d’oeuvres, sandwiches, drinks, Baklava dessert

Space is limited, RSVP to

Theme:   “We believe in what is apparent, in what we can imagine or ‘picture’ in our minds, in what we feel to be true, in what our hearts tell us, in experience, in stories—above all, perhaps, in stories.”  Wendell Berry  Our Only World

What are our life experiences that form the stories that connect us to principles, beliefs, ethics, and each other?