Religious Education Chalice Lighting Family

27 September 2018

Chalice Lighting Family
Each month, we invite a family from our Religious Education community to light our chalice. Meet the Smith Family!

Who is in your family?
Kendra Smith, Raleigh Smith, Dominique Franklin, Xander Smith, and Essie Smith.

How long have you been attending First Church?
We were married by Rev. Tom in the meditation garden 12 years ago on October 13th and have been attending first church since then, but became regulars about 10 years ago.

Why is First Church and Religious Education important to your family?
First Church is the first sense of community we have ever experienced where we can be ourselves and are around like-minded people. We love the RE program and how it strives to show/teach everyone about love, life, and common respect and decency for all while allowing them to develop their own beliefs.