Small Group Ministry "More Than Just A Meeting"

27 September 2018

As new Small Groups get underway, there is one (Flo’s group) that has been together for at least ten years- since beloved elder, Flo Wineriter, started it.  The group includes Barbara Taylor, Louise Ewing, Polly Nevis, Glo Myers, Coral Coffey, Shirley Ray, Nancy Moos (group leader), Ann Prehn, Susie Martin, and new this year- Joan Proctor.  Coral was raised in the small south central Utah town of Torrey, one mile from Capital Reef.  Five of the ladies recently went there on a retreat, where they stayed in Coral’s beloved old family home.  

Through three nights and four days these adventurous fun-loving seniors (mostly 70s, 80s & one 91!)  explored the area, including a wonderful visit to a Zen Buddhist Temple that was started by Michael Zimmerman, former Chief Justice of the Utah Supreme Court.  They did lots of walking , all over Torrey as well as treks to magnificent Capital Reef and a harrowing long ride on the historic Burr Trail.  Along the way, they discussed everything and everyone Unitarian (such a fascinating topic!)  Evenings they learned to play the game, Rummikub, and have now thrown down a challenge to any other Small Group who’d like to go up against them.  Delicious pot luck meals (mac & cheese was a favorite), local cafes and especially the famous Hell’s Backbone Grill provided nourishment.  

Small Group Ministry, a place for meeting and friendship and fun!    

Submitted by Jan Crane