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18 August 2019

All The Things

As long as I can remember, I have always viewed August as the start of the "new year." New classes, new systems, new ways to organize, new people to connect with, new, new, new. August and September are filled with possibilities. 

It's also one of my favorite times to reflect. What worked last year, what didn't, what I can do differently, what's out of my control. As we start this church year, I want connection. I want our youth to feel connected to this place and the people here. I want our families to feel like they have a connection to our larger First Church community. I want the community of First Church to feel connected to our Religious Education program. 

Last year, on a Mindfulness Matters Sunday, the lower school was gathered in Little Chapel together. As we talked about our web, we created our own web with yarn across the room. We connected with each other through these simple strands. And sometimes, they broke. We had to work together, and fix them. And begin again in community. Every strand of yarn mattered and connected us to our larger circle. Let's step into this church year focused on connection.

Connection to each other, our larger community, and our faith. 

In Peace,

Amanda Esko 
Director of Religious Education


Join the RE Party! Registration for this church year is up and running, please register today!

Our religious education community is a co-operative model. What does this mean? It means we need you! We need your time and talent! All families are expected to volunteer regularly in each of their children's classrooms. Volunteers meet the classes in Little Chapel for Children’s Chapel, and follow the class upstairs to assist with the day’s activities. Sometimes the classes are making volcanoes, sometimes they’re practicing meditation, and sometimes they’re painting chalices! We have active classes that need extra hands for classroom support. In order to maintain two adults in every classroom, we need parent volunteers. Volunteering in classrooms is a great way to maintain a spiritual relationship with your own youth and build relationships with their friends at church. Families will be emailed links to signup through our volunteer management system, Signup Genius. Please reach out if you have any questions or hesitations about volunteering, we would love to help!


Chalice Lighting Families

We're looking for chalice lighting families! Please signup to light our chalice in the main sanctuary!

RE Calendar
September 5- COA Parent Orientation
September 8- In-Gathering
September 9- Family Fun Night
September 15- Welcome Back Potluck
September 15- HS OWL Parent Orientation
September 22- Activities Fair
September 29- COA Ropes Course