Refugee Resettlement Committee

Refugee families arrive in Salt Lake City every week. For over 20 years, First Church volunteers, now as the Refugee Relocation Committee (RRC), have supported the International Rescue Committee (IRC), which sponsors the immigration and settlement of refugees under the auspices of the US State Department. The IRC locates and rents apartments for refugees and provides a dozen or more social service programs to facilitate resettlement. RRC volunteers, guided by the first UU principle, to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person, solicit and collect donations of furniture, lamps, wall art, kitchen items, etc., to furnish refugee apartments. The RRC sets up the living space in a manner to be welcoming, habitable and compliant with IRC standards. Donations the RRC collects that are not used in IRC apartments are given to other SLC area non-profits, such as the Habitat Restore and DI. RRC volunteers and many other First Church members also support refugee resettlement through befriending or mentoring refugee families, selling items to fund RRC activities, providing tutoring, teaching ESL classes, allowing home and garage storage of donated items and volunteering in one of the dozen social service refugee support programs of the IRC. If you would like to join rewarding activity, e-mail , or check the RRC bulletin board section in Eliot Hall for more information.

Contact the committee at .

You are asked to call one of the following people to arrange a convenient time to pick up your donation:

Furniture: Joe DuBray, 
Household Goods: Nancy Rasmuson, 
Bikes, Helmets, Locks: Chad Mullins, 

Thank you for your continuing support of RRC's humanitarian work!