Chalice Singers

The Chalice Singers are the second choir at First  Unitarian Church also directed by David Owens-Lupu.  Space is limited to 16 members and is currently at capacity.  Opportunity to join The Chalice Singers is available only when a position is vacated by an existing member. An official "audition" is not required, however, a vocal assessment is part of the introductory process. While not necessarily a choir of differing skill levels from those in the Chancel Choir, the level of preparatory commitment is considerably greater. Participants are expected to arrive at rehearsals with repertoire learned and ready to be refined at a collegiate level. Rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings  7:00 to 8:30. Like the Chancel Choir, "Singing Sundays" are about once a month with increased opportunities to sing through the holidays.