RE Update September 6, 2020

06 September 2020

This is how we do it!

I don't know if you've picked up on this yet, but this year is giving us the opportunity to create new ways for connection. Over the past month, we've introduced Full Week Faith plans, online storytime, and online art lessons. This week, we're rolling out the next opportunities for RE this year.

RE-Imagining Chapel

You'll read more about this below, but we're encouraging ALL families to attend. We'll be meeting this month on September 13th at 10 am, but the following months it will be on the first Sunday of the month.  We can't wait to see each other and participate in worship together. Look below for the link to the Zoom!

Class Websites

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, this year for RE we're splitting everyone into two main groups: Lower School, preschool-5th grade; and Upper School, 6th-12th grade. Each group has its own website. While the layouts are ever so slightly different, each website contains the same types of information: links to zoom gatherings, monthly "lessons" with videos, prompts, and activities youth and families can participate with. Additionally, you'll notice that the lesson topics match one another between the two sites. This will enable families with kids in both age groups to be able to engage in the content across age levels.

 Lower School Website:

Upper School Website:

Zoom Gatherings

On months other than September, we will have Zoom gatherings for the two groups on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 10 am. In September we will meet on the 20th and the 27th at 10 am. Our goal for zoom gatherings is to be in community together, engage in interesting discussions, and have fun. You do not need to have participated with any of the content on the class websites to participate(although it might be helpful for discussion in Upper School) Please email Lissa Lander for the links to the Zoom gatherings. 

How ever your family chooses to participate this year, know we love you, and miss being in person with you. I also want to acknowledge the countless amount of hours Lissa Lander, our RE Assitant has put into building this vision. Without her, NONE of this could happen!

 In Peace,

Amanda Esko

Religious Education Director