Summer Forum


Thank you to all the insightful speakers who participated in our 2021 Summer Forum Series.  We appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share your time with us!





June 27 – August 22, 2021 10am
June 27th: 
Lily Eskelsen Garcia – “Public Education in America: The Successes and the Challenges in the 21st Century"
July 4th:
Richard Medina – "Extremism and Hate in the US" 
July 11th:
Stop The Inland Port (Deeda Seed and Dr. Brian Moench) – “Stopping the Polluting Utah Inland Port”
July 18th:
Mayor Erin Mendenhall – “Clean Energy and Homeless Outreach”
July 25th:
Stephanie Duer –  "Strategies for Surviving a Drought"
August 1st:
Joseph Kim – "Impact of Social Isolation on Mental Health and Well-being of Older Adults"
August 8th:
Vicky Chavez and the Sanctuary Steering Committee – “Sanctuary: Before, During, After”
August 15th:
Nancy Borgenicht – "Four Decades of Saturday's Voyeur in Salt Lake City"
August 22nd:
Representative Sandra Hollins – “My Role as a Utah State Legislator:  Seeking Justice for Utah's Under-represented Peoples”