Board of Trustees

Under Policy Governance the elected, representative board of trustees will be charged with the following:

  • Working with the congregation to articulate the outcomes that the church wants to achieve
  • Setting and maintaining broad policies that limit the staff to practices that are legal, prudent, and ethical
  • Monitoring adherence to those policies

The board will be more focused on the future of the church, looking for creative ways to further the goals and ideals of First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City and the wider community. Elections for the seven board positions are held in the annual meeting after nominations from the Nominating Committee.



2022-23 Board of Trustees
Dot Verbrugge, Board President
Kelly Davis Garrett, Vice President
Melanie Steiner-Sherwood, Secretary
Starlyn Chaston, Treasurer
Jessica Briefer French
Kim Grob
Rick Langer
Board Meeting Minutes