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What is Sanctuary?

Sanctuary is the practice of allowing someone to take refuge in a house of worship in order to avoid persecution or injustice. Sanctuary has been practiced in various forms for centuries, including the early days of Israel, ancient Greece and Rome, and Medieval Europe.

In recent decades, Sanctuary has become a powerful tool in the fight for immigrant rights. Congregations open their doors to people who are slated for deportation. While living inside this sacred space, undocumented people amplify their message and gain more time to seek justice with the community’s support.


How YOU can help

Vicky and her daughters need continuing support as well.  Here’s why …

On April 12, 2021, Vicky Chávez received a Stay of Removal for one year.  This Stay has allowed her to leave the church and pursue her case without fear of deportation and without living in the church.  To quote Vicky:  "Freedom is priceless."  With freedom comes new expenses but also new ways to help Vicky and her daughters.  In particular, Vicky is not able to work right now, because she does not yet have a work permit.  She filed for one right after receiving the Stay of Removal, however, it is now taking 4-9.5 months to obtain a work permit, so everyday living expenses like rent, car payments and insurance, utilities, healthcare, etc. take their toll and then there are the unexpected expenses.  Here are some ways we can help:

For one-time or anonymous gifts to help Vicky with everyday LIVING expenses – use this GOFUNDME link at: This is a gift and is not tax deductible.

To set up ongoing support (everyday LIVING expenses) while Vicky awaits her work permit - contact: Joan Gregory, , 801-949-2906 (text) or set up a regular gift to Vicky via VENMO: @Fino87.   This is a gift and is not tax deductible.

To donate to the Legal Defense Fund in support of ongoing LEGAL costs related to Vicky’s case – go to:, click on the red “Click Here to Donate” bar, choose: "Sanctuary Defense Fund," and enter your donation amount.   You may also donate using the GIVELIFY app link on - just choose Defense Fund.   This is a tax-deductible donation.

To Stay Connected with developments in Vicky’s case - read The Torch, the church’s newsletter -, follow FreedomForVicky on Facebook - , or watch for volunteer updates in CREW.

Questions?   Contact:  Joan Gregory, 801-949-2906 (text), 


On October 3, 2021, the Sanctuary Steering Committee received the Gandhi Peace Award.  Click Here for the video presentation created by Don Walton and Phil Davis (thank you Don and Phil!).


Vicky Chavez received her work permit on Wednesday, October 13, 2021!! Now, she is eligible to work!!! Of course, she doesn't haver a job yet.  So, she could still use our help - financial support to help from now until a job is found, tips on finding a work-from-home job, experience setting up a business.