February 11th Sermon "The Introvert's Guide to Beloved Community" - Rev. J Sylvan

08 February 2024


Please join us for our Sunday Service, February 11th at 9am & 11am
Rev. J Sylvan
Sermon: "The Introvert's Guide to Beloved Community"
Services will be live-streamed on zoom (zoom link is on the front page of the website). 
Coffee Hour: In person in Eliot Hall following the services 
Masks optional
Order of Service
  • Choral Prelude: "This Day We Come" – words and music by Carolyn McDade (American, b. 1935); performed by the Chancel Choir
  • Introit: #188, "Come, Come, Whoever You Are" – words adapted from Rumi (1207-1273); music by Rev. Lynn Ungar (American, b. 1963); led by David Owens
  • Welcome, Announcements & Chalice Lighting – Rev. J Sylvan
  • Choral Interlude: "Love Grows Here" – words and music by Don Besig (American, b. 1936); performed by the Chancel Choir
  • Meditation – Rev. J Sylvan
  • Choral Response: "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" – words & music by Jimmy Holiday (American, 1934-1987), Randy Myers (American, 1947-2021) and Jackie DeShannon (American, b. 1941); arr. by Jeff Funk; performed by the Chancel Choir
  • Song of Gratitude: #1010, "We Give Thanks" – words & music by Wendy Luella Perkins (Canadian, b. 1966); led by Rev. J Sylvan
  • "Why I Give" – Pauline Higgins
  • Offertory – Rev. J Sylvan
  • Doxology
    • From all that dwell below the skies
    • Let hymns of faith and hope arise
    • May peace, good will on earth be sung
    • Through every land by every tongue
    • Amen
  • Sermon: "The Introvert's Guide to Beloved Community" – Rev. J Sylvan
  • Hymn: #299, "Make Channels for the Streams of Love" – words: Richard Chenevix Trench (British, 1807-1886); music: American folk melody, arr. by Annabel Morris Buchanan (American, 1888-1983)
  • Benediction – Rev. J Sylvan
  • Postlude: "Bach’s C Major Prelude No.1” Original by J.S. Bach ( German 1685-1750 ): as realized by Andrey Stolyarov  (Russian/American  contemporary): coda - D.Owens - David Owens - piano