Pride Parade: Sunday June 4th

22 May 2017

Pride Parade: Sunday June 4th 10am. 

-submitted by Michele Page

Please plan to join us.  Theme:  Pride Elevated.

Please join us to walk in the Pride Parade this year, celebrating our wonderful Reverend Tom Goldsmith for 30 years of service at First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City.  Tom and Mary will be riding in a convertible and the congregation will be walking ahead of, and behind the car (please, not to the side, we need the crowd to be able to read the signage on the car!).  We will have a banner introducing our church’s entry, as well as signage on the car thanking Tom for 30 years of commitment to the liberal community in SLC.   Please plan to join us if at all possible.  Wear your ‘Standing on the Side of Love’ t-shirts, or something very bright in color!  We hope to have music playing that we can dance/move/sing to as we walk and wave.  Look for the ‘Standing on the Side of Love’ banner and your fellow members.  We will provide the exact location to meet in the Order of Service on Sunday, May 29th and Sunday, June 4th.