Nominating Committee

The task of the Nominating Committee (NC) is to nominate individuals for church offices that, according to our by-laws, have to be voted on by the congregation. One such office is membership on the Board of Trustees. The NC may also be asked by the Board to help identify candidates for other committees, such as the Endowment Fund Committee or the NC itself whose members are appointed by the Board and approved by the congregation in a congregational meeting.

The NC consists of seven members who serve staggered two-year terms. A NC member's term starts at the close of the annual meeting at which he or she is elected and ends at the congregational meeting two years later.

To ensure that the congregation has an opportunity to participate in the nominating process, the NC encourages recommendations for candidates at any time. It is not necessary to secure the proposed candidate's permission in advance. To make a recommendation, church members can use our electronic form. The NC strives to put forward candidates who provide the congregation with a balance of gender, age, and expertise. The NC will also take into consideration compatibility among nominees and current Board and committee members. At any given time, the pool of candidates will be larger than the available slots. Being accepted into the pool, however, does not imply nomination for a vacancy.

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