Torch Article: Sharing Our Thoughts About Supporting Our Church

13 February 2017

Sharing Our Thoughts About Supporting Our Church
-Submitted by Julia Rossi

When I think about my own reasons for pledging, I can’t help but wonder why other church participants pledge. And notice that I say ‘participants’ and not just ‘members’. Everyone who attends our services, listens to our choir, brings their children for religious education, is challenged and inspired by what we offer, calls on the church when they have a life changing event is a willing participant in our church. And if we want our church to expand and thrive, we all must contribute. So I decided to ask past pledgers,why they pledge? Here is what I learned.

“I pledge because, as a member of this congregation and a participant in this community, it is the right thing to do.” Sally Smith

“My support for decency and justice burns brighter at First Unitarian than anyplace else I know.” Henry Whiteside

“I give because this is the place where I come to live my values. I am able to give to others through leadership, committee work, and joining the web of care. I come to meet my friends, to learn how to be a better person, to receive spiritual guidance. I give because you are the people whose spiritual guidance and generosity show me the way; who provide the service projects, discussions and actions that support our seven principles; whose company provides me with shared meals, laughter and fun activities. You are the ones who give me that opportunity. I give because not just my family, but all families, that come here will be treated with inherent worth and dignity rooted in a respect for, and service to, the interdependent web of all existence. This is home. You are family. Why do I give? That’s easy. I give because I belong to the Fellowship, and if you belong, you should give.” Sandi Greene
I’d like to hear from you. Why do you pledge? Send me a quick email at and share your thoughts about pledging and what it means to you.