Torch and Publication Changes

12 June 2017

We've become aware of a communication gap for many congregants, so beginning with the August 7, 2017 issue, we will be going back to producing a mailed paper version of The Torch as well as continuing the online/email version. This version of The Torch will be published once per month - usually on the first Monday of the month, with a submission deadline a minimum of one week prior to publication. This full issue of the Torch will publish the usual columns, upcoming services, church-related articles, and all the usual announcements and photos as has been done in the past.

In addition to the monthly Torch, there will be a "Torch Supplemental" published via email/online only. This nearly weekly supplemental will include updated announcements, upcoming services and shorter, more time-sensitive pieces.

Production deadlines for these publications can be found by clicking here or a paper version of this document can be picked up in the office.

To be added to the mailed paper version list for The Torch, please email Jenni at with your name and mailing address including zip code or call her with the same info at 801-582-8687 ext. 202.