In the Spotlight: Meet Kira Kilmer

10 July 2017

I recently took the plunge and signed The Book after being a peripheral member of the UU community since 2006.  Typically slow to action!

A refugee from the East Coast, Connecticut-born and raised, North Stamford to be precise, graduate of Wellesley College, with a twenty-year career in book, studio and corporate design, I migrated to Salt Lake on a whim, thinking it would be one winter of skiing.  I’m still here, 33 years later.

The First Unitarian Church has become my philosophical and ethical home, bringing new inspiration to my life many times, just as the mountains, deserts and rivers have brought new landscapes and adventures.  Upstairs neighbors in my Cambridge, Massachusetts condo asked for my unit and I have been an East Liberty Park homeowner since then.

While helping my widowed mother back in New Hampshire I traded the design and 60 hours a week on the computer for a Masters of Education and have spent the last 17 years working with children, a wonderful enlightening experience, as I do not have children of my own.

I have helped out with the UU Religious Education program, the Coming of Age group, the Jazz Vespers, and occasionally Laurie Robinson with the 9 o’clock greeting.  June 2018 I promise myself to retire and continue with my fine arts painting and bird volunteering.  An extended museum tour of Spain is on the list, plus a vague search for a country place, LEED certified home/organic community.  Any fellow travelers out there?  Come to dinner to talk.